Four-axle Flatbed Semi-trailer

Overall length 13010mm
Overall width 2480mm
Overall height 1583mm
Tare weight Approximates 8,600KGS
Capacity 50tons
Axle FUWA brand, 13tons, 4pcs
Tire 13R22.5 , 17 pieces, Double Coin  Brand
Rim 9.0-22.5, 17  pieces ,Local brand
King pin 3.5’’ bolted type ,JOST Brand
Suspension Three axles with spring suspension (7pieces*90mm width*16mm thickness)
One axle with air suspension and lifting
Landing leg JOST A400
ABS 4S/2M , WABCO Brand
Brake system 2 line air braking system with air tank ,emergency relay valve,braking chambers and mechanical slack adjusters.
Chamber brake : T30/30 and T30
Electrical system 24 volt electrical system.7 pin electrical, LED lights, connector. parking .stop, reverse, number plate and indicator lights. rear lights conform to European standard, rear front and side reflectors
Floor 2.75mm thickness checkered plate
Front wall 1,500mm height
Twist lock 12 pieces for transport 40 feet container or 20 feet container
Spare tire carrier 1PCS
Tool box 1 unit
Tarpaulin 17,000×6,500(mm)
Other terms are in accordance with the standards of GTT
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