Aluminum Alloy Tank Semi Trailer

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The required tank trailer is designed and fabricated to transport flammable  liquids, and mounted with
bottom-loading and vapor-recovery systems. The tank trailer will  be  licensed in accordance  with  SASO standards (SASO 2288) and (SASO 2809) prior to acceptance for service. Name plate be provided at the driverside.
Overall dimension (l x w x h):                         12,290mm*2,500mm*3,650mm
Nominal capacity(Liter ):                               42,000
Total capacity(Liter ):                                     44,100
Unload kingpin height(mm):                          1,319
Full load kingpin height(mm):                        1,218
Tare weight (kg):                                           6,400±3%
Payload(kg):                                                 31,600
Gross weight(kg):                                          38,000
Kingpin payload(kg):                                     12,860
Axle payload(kg):                                           25,140
Tank shell nominal thickness:                         5.5mm – ASTM B-209 5454/H32
Dished end nominal thickness:                       6.0mm – ASTM B-209 5454/O
Baffle    nominal thickness:                            6.0mm – ASTM B-209 5454/O
Tank shape:                                                   elliptical
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