Seat and Gas Natural Fenosa partner to promote natural gas as vehicle fuel
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July 11, 2017. Seat President Luca de Meo and Gas Natural Fenosa President Isidro Fainé have signed a strategic agreement between both companies to promote joint innovation projects and expand the use of natural gas in the scope of mobility in Spain.

   This long-term partnership will enable the utility company and the carmaker to spearhead the growth and positioning of natural gas as an efficient, alternative transport fuel. Both companies have been collaborating in this field since 2013.

   Through this collaboration, Seat and Gas Natural Fenosa will promote different courses of action for the introduction and commercialization of gas powered vehicles in three specific target groups.

   One on hand, through the official Seat dealerships, where developing infrastructure featuring gas service stations will be analyzed, as well as training programs for the employees. Secondly, both companies will create a joint commercial offer for self-employed Spanish workers, whereby they will benefit from economic advantages in cars and fuel. And finally, they will work on a domestic natural gas refueling program aimed at private individuals to be promoted with the administration in order to comply with the regulatory aspects related to this activity.

   Additionally, both companies will launch economic measures for research into new, efficient fuels, such as biogas. The strategic agreement includes a wider implementation of gas powered vehicles and promoting compressed natural gas (CNG) in the area of public services.

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