LNG Marine Fuel Institute opens in Australia
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July 3, 2017. In mid-2016, several industry bodies from the Australian marine sector came together, sharing a conviction that bunkering Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), which traditionally powers global maritime shipping trade, had to change. It was clear that liquefied natural gas (LNG) was a significantly cleaner transitional energy source that could replace HFO. To this end, a LNG Marine Fuel Institute is officially launched in Australia.

   The vision of LNG MFI is for Australia to play a leading role in the supply of LNG as a global marine fuel. At his official speech for the launch of the Institute, Chairman Richard Sandover said that the parties saw opportunities to:

- Secure global health and climate emissions benefits

- Position Australia at the forefront of the development of LNG as a marine and transport fuel

- Establish an LNG bunkering industry in Australia with the economic benefits that would flow

- Increase the nation’s security of energy supply.

   “As a great trading nation and soon to be the single biggest exporter of LNG, Australia is well placed to embrace early adoption of LNG as a marine transport fuel”, he noted.

   As explained, the LNG MFI supports the establishment of a green corridor for the bulk ore and LNG export trade between China and Australia, Japan and Australia and other south east Asian countries.

   In addition, the MFI could address the fact that, today, Australia is over 90% reliant on imported transport fuels, despite extensive gas reserves in its backyard. This reliance on imported fuels is an unsustainable model. Bunkering LNG produced in Australia could strengthen its national energy supplies.

   “LNG as a marine fuel is the first step towards helping Australia achieve energy independence and is part of our transition to a cleaner energy mix”, Sandover said.

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