Gas Natural Fenosa promotes natural gas use in transport
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May 3, 2016. Speaking to the Spanish press, the director of Mobility Solutions of Gas Natural Fenosa, José Ramón Freire, who just participated in the Forum Region with a conference entitled \"natural gas vehicles, an alternative to the professional transport\", addressed several relevant issues in defending this type of fuel. Including cost reduction and decrease in the emission of gases into the atmosphere.
   Freire also chairs the Spanish Association of Natural Gas for Mobility (Gasnam) and threshed in the interview some clues about the use of natural gas as fuel, whose implementation is still low, although it said that once there are efficient technological solutions, subtraction the automotive industry mark the line to follow.
   One of the issues raised was the location of facilities for refueling. In Spain there are currently 42 stations that supply this fuel. Indeed, infrastructure, still in development, is one of the barriers for which costs as much displace oil as a transportation fuel.
   The director of Gas Natural Fenosa called on the administration to encourage the use of fuels that pollute less, but also hinted that the automotive industry is betting cars powered by natural gas but commercial networks do not yet offer this type of product in the same way that a vehicle of gasoline or diesel.
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