NGVi introduces Guided Skills Application for CNG fuel system inspectors
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April 7, 2016. Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVi) announced the launch of Guided Skills Application, a coaching program for newly-trained CNG fuel system inspectors. In addition, NGVi will also host a safety webinar for heavy-duty fleets entitled The Essentials of CNG Fuel System Inspections on Wednesday, April 13, at 10:30 a.m. PT/1:30 p.m. ET.  The 90-minute web workshop is designed to provide heavy-duty fleet managers and technicians with an overview of the fundamentals of CNG fuel system inspections.

   CNG fuel system inspections are complex, detailed and safety-oriented procedures which require a high level of both knowledge and skill. During these inspections, NGV technicians must thoroughly examine all components of the high-pressure system, be able to correctly identify and determine the extent or significance of any discovered damage to system components, and clearly understand what actions must be taken. Because damage is often not necessarily easy to identify for those unfamiliar with the components involved, Guided Skills Application gives technicians a next layer of skill-building and experience, according to NGVi.

   \"We are thrilled to add the Guided Skills Application option to our in-house training program,\" said Leo Thomason, executive director. \"While our in-house CNG Fuel System Inspector Training alone offers many great benefits, like flexible training times, reduced shop downtime and travel cost savings, adding the comprehensive coaching option after the class will provide our customers with even greater value.\"

   \"To do their jobs correctly and effectively, technicians need not only the theory, but also the practical skill-building before they begin inspecting CNG fuel systems on the job,\" Thomason said. \"With Guided Skills Application, technicians will receive an additional day of hands-on experience performing fuel system inspections on their specific vehicle types.\"

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