Natural Gas Station Should Be Finished by the End of September in Columbia
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The end of september will bring natural gas to Columbia, Missouri. Columbia’s first compressed natural gas, or CNG, station is expected to be completed late this month.
The plan to build a natural gas station started last September when the Columbia City Council approved a 15-year contract with Clean Energy, a natural gas provider. The station will available for public use, but it will especially impact fleet operations in Columbia because some public vehicles are being converted to run on natural gas.
“The fuel will be a dollar plus cheaper than diesel or gasoline is right now. Additionally, some of the maintenance costs will be reduced. For example, the interval for servicing the vehicles that are powered by CNG extended,” said Eric Evans, the Columbia Public Works Fleet Operation Manager.
Construction on the project is almost competed at the site of the future CNG station. The station will be located at 1900 Lake Ridgeway Drive and will be the only CNG station between Kansas City and St. Louis.

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