Europe Needs Mre Shale Gas Exploration
Published:2014-07-30 13:05:25    Text Size:【BIG】【MEDIUM】【SMALL

Shale Gas Europe reacts to Cuadrilla’s announcement to begin exploration on two new sites in Lancashire (UK).

Cuadrilla Resources’ announcement earlier today that it will begin exploration for shale gas at two new sites in Lancashire in the North West of England is a positive move. The United Kingdom is at the forefront of Europe’s energy debate as the country seeks to manage rising demand whilst promoting and delivering a more affordable and secure energy supply. However while there is much debate about the role that shale gas could potentially play in helping Europe balance its energy mix, much more needs to be done to determine its potential.

“We need more exploration” said Marcus Pepperell, spokesperson for Shale Gas Europe, “until we know how much is actually commercially viable, most conversations about the impact shale gas will have on the UK energy mix –and the rest of Europe- will remain speculative.”

The industry also appreciates that progressing any shale gas opportunity is dependent upon developing opportunities in an environmentally and sustainable way.

Marcus Pepperell concluded: “There is still too much misinformation about what shale gas is and the significant benefits it can bring. The industry recognises that the public need to be reassured that delivering the energy they want, at a price they can afford, will not be at the expense of the community that they live in. Any shale gas operation is a long term investment for any operator. Engaging and being part of that community is therefore essential, ensuring that all operations deliver existing good practice within an effective transparent and accountable regulatory environment.”

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