NGV Global 2014 Concluded with a Night of Champions
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NGV Global 2014 Conference and Exhibition has concluded with a Gala Dinner where NGV champions from around the world were recognised – people and organisations who by their actions and endeavours have promoted and inspired the development of a significant NGV program or activity. This biennial event, held this year aboard the historic Queen Mary ocean liner in Long Beach, California, has paid tribute to some remarkable and sometimes colourful achievers over past years and 2014 is no different.
The judging panel selected eight nominees worthy of recognition as recipients for this award in 2014, for which condensed descriptions are listed below:
- Dr. Aldo Bassi, nominated by NGVA Europe (Posthumous Nomination) 1938-2013.
- Dr. Juan Carlos Fracchia, nominated by Cámara Argentina del GNC (CAGNC -  Argentine NGV Association).
- Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro), nominated by Gladstein, Neandross and Associates (GNA). 
- Waste Management’s Marty Tufte, Corporate Fleet Director, and Chip Wertz, Director, Fleet Facility Infrastructure, nominated by Parker Hannifin. 
- Peter C. G. Commandeur, nominated by NGV Italy. 
- Frank Chapel – Apache Corporation Director Natural Gas Transportation Fuels, Natural Gas Commercial Development, nominated by Mr. Tim Tomlinson, Apache’s NGV Operations Manager. 
- Dr. Mostafa M. Kamel Director, Cummins Westport Advanced Engine Systems, Cummins Westport (since January 2013) Director of Product Development, Cummins Westport (2001 – 2012), nominated by Cummins Westport. 
- Amir Houshang Khaki, nominated by Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association (ANGVA).
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